Special family in Limone Piemonte

Hotel Principe also thinks about your children

Starting in 2014, the Hotel Principe has thought about how to offer its guests something unique and special for their children.
An outdoor playground has been created with a swing, climbing, slide, rope, and many other attractions: surrounded by greenery and surrounded by mountains just a few meters from the pool. Also not missing the now famous “skip skip” that is really able to entertain both young and old.

Our pool is equipped with a special pool for the little ones so that they can perform the first “dives” without any danger.

In the afternoon, our entertainer shares the snack at the poolside, which our cooks prepare in a loving way for the little ones.
And then for those who want to play within the structure we have set up a special room for children’s games. But not only in the evening you can use the “mega” television dedicated to them and watch together some movies or some DVDs until bedtime … and for those who still do not have enough there is free table football available of the Guests.

And then the riding stables a few dozen meters from the hotel where you can find horses in the summer.
Less than an hour’s drive you can reach the beautiful park at Casterino where you can see the dam, the horses, the waterfalls.
Also in Limonetto the attractions for the little ones are not lacking like in Vernante (nicknamed the Country of Pinocchio), a few minutes from Limone:

in short, there is something for everyone!

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