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Among the Maritime Alps, only a stone’s throw away from the sea, the ideal holiday destination both in summer and in winter

The best feature of  Limone Piemonte is above all its highly advantageous geographical position: it is nestled between the most beautifulof the Maritime Alps; the town is only one hour away from  Monte Carlo and Nice .

For this reason, it represents the ideal destination for many different types of holidaymakers, both for those who love the mountains in summertime, and for those who just can’t go without their winter skiing holiday.

What to visit on holiday in Limone Piemonte

There are obviously so many ideas to choose from, so we will mention just a few of them. Please contact us for further information as regards what is of interest to you:

  • Train of Marvels

    In our opinion, coming here on holiday and not taking a trip on the Train of Marvels would be a real pity. This is an ancient railway line that connects Limone Piemonte to Cuneo (in the North) and Ventimiglia (in the South), reaching incredible gradients and offering breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes!

  • Montecarlo

    You can reach this extremely famous tourist resort in about an hour by car, where the fascination of the sea blends with the worldly pleasures, gambling as well as the unique history of this location.

  • Nice

    The Cote d’Azur as well as Nice and Monte Carlohave always strongly appealed to tourists; An exciting trip to these places could be an excellent idea while on holiday in Limone Piemonte.

  • Maritime Alps Natural Park

    There are marvellous excursions to go on inside the Maritime Alps Natural Park, the largest protected natural area within the Piedmont region.

  • Valli delle Meraviglie (Valleys of Marvels) and Val Roja (Red Valley)

    Apart from the beauty of the landscape, the Valli delle Meraviglie (Valleys of Marvels) are enriched by the 35 thousand prehistoric rock carvings that have been discovered there. The Tenda Museum of Marvels (Museo delle Meraviglie) is the ideal place to stop during a tour which combines fascination and mystery.

Which sports you can practice:

  • Skiing

    TheRiserva Bianca (White Reserve) is the name given to the Limone Piemonte skiing resort, consisting of  80 km of pistes, all of which are ski-on-foot17 ski lifts and 2 kinder parks for the delight of the entire family. In Limonetto you can also find a snow park for snowboarding enthusiasts.

  • Trekking and Nordic Walking

    A nature trail calledLu Viasol has been developed around Limone Piemonte , offering a dense network of routes and paths, suitable for all levels of preparation.

  • Mountain biking

    Where there are mountains, there’s excitement. MTB enthusiasts that go on holiday every year by bikein the Maritime Alps know this all too well. Try the Via del Sale (The Salt Way) route, 70 km long and 99% of which is cyclable, offering breathtaking views and that connects Liguria, Piedmont and France.

There are countless other ideas and possibilities, please do not hesitate to write to us or call us for any curiosities you may have!

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