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The most relaxing way to enjoy the mountain holidayis to spend it in a hotel with a wellness area situated among the Alps.

Both in summer and in winter it is always a great relaxing feeling to be able to come back from the mountains and take refuge in the wellness area of hotel in order to recharge your batteries and to get yourselves back on your feet ready for the following day.

Sometimes a lot of heat is good for you

The Finnish sauna free will help you to get rid of all the toxins in your body, to purify your skin and to give you a deep-down sensation of lightness and well-being.
Inside the sauna there is a particular lighting system that helps you immerse yourself completely into the harmony and serenity of the atmosphere.

In order to discover the utmost relaxation, afterwards treat yourself to a session in the massage chair.

Well-being never goes on holiday

It is true that being on holiday means above all relaxing yourself, but don’t forget to keep in shape, eh? At the Grand Hotel Principe fitness enthusiasts find a fully-equipped gym with different specific machines to train yourself and to keep in shape. At our customers exclusive free use.
relaxation area is available for free for our guests, with teas and infusions to rest and purify with a soft background.

Pleasing to the eye as well

If you want to be impeccable for a trip to Monte Carlo or Nice, no details must be overlooked. We would like to point out that you can benefit from the  personalised wellness & beauty treatments at the affiliated wellness centre .

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